Trintoon vs Pontoon-Performance and Resell Are The Key?

Performance is a big issue when buying Tritoon vs Pontoon . I must say I have own both tritoon and pontoon. The tritoons resell value is off the charts. Just try and find one for sale.. Not many of them out there seems that there sellers do not what to part with them. I can not blame  them. I would have to say pontoons are a much easier find to purchase in the resell area.

World’s Fastest Tritoon Boat –  South Bay 925CR

If you are looking to buy a boat the tritoon vs pontoon performance reviews are a must to think about. Tritoon with the bigger motor packages are something to think about.The 225hp and up will be enough to get you and your friends around lake easily. Top speed can be between 38 mph to 50 mph. You can load up 8 to 10 people, a full cooler can cruise  all over the place.Top speeds on most pontoons is about 18 mph to 25 mph. The only thing that I have notice on the bigger  tritoons that they will burn a lot for gas. Remember you are moving a lot weight in people and boat with the all comforts.  Yes, you can load a pontoon will lot of of people too but you better be careful of not taking wave over the bow because the boat can not get up on plain very well with all those people and gear. When comparing the two boat One must understand what he is getting in both boats does he just want take slow cruise on lake or do you what a boat  that can be all in one boat where you can do many things with it on the water. Take slow cruise, water skiing, tubing and load on boat friends and be able to on 2ft-3ft waves. Then the tritoon is for you. If you do not believe me then just go take a ride for yourself at your local dealer. You will not be disappointed  I guaranteed it


Tritoon vs Pontoon-Is It Worth The Extra Money?

If price is a concern in buying a tritoon vs pontoon The tritoon might not be your solution because most tritoons are equipped with bigger engines, bigger fuel tanks and a lot for accessories and are heavy boats. The pontoon is typical rigged with smaller engines.Which cost less.. They do  also burn a lot of fuel if you need to get some where in hurry because they can not get up on plain like a tritoon can. The worst thing you can do to a boat is under power it. You have two choices inboard(I/O) or outboard (O/B).  The I/O will be more expensive but It also will be out of the way. It is usually tuck away under a sundeck. A nice clean feeling to it.They are little harder to work on and  winterize. The O/B is usually less expensive. It is easier to work on and you do not have to winterize which means you can use the boat all winter long and do not have worry about the motor freezing up.

This might help with decision making on buying one of these boats.  They are not having any fun here are they…lol..


Tritoon vs Pontoon – Which one?

Are you considering buying a tritoon vs pontoon. A buyer must needs to know the difference in price, performance, comfort, resell  and what kind of water conditions they will be boating. These boat are design for two different types of people. One’s who like to just cruise slower spends around the lake with their friends and family. The other is can be used as family boat like a runabout. You can ski, tube and wake board.  And be able to go fast and be able cruise over rough water with easy. I have own many boats that can not handle the rough water like a tritoon can. It is amazing.

The ride factor on tritoon is unbelievably smooth across rough water because on the center toon . The boat gets a lot lift from this toon where it feels like you are just floating across the lake. Typical the pontoon riding in rough water feels like you in a washing machine bouncing around and hearing all kinds of noises like the water is about to come through the flooring but not the tritoon It just cut across the water like it is on a shock absorbers ….No back problems here…lol. Both boats are very maneuverable around the docks.  Traditional pontoons were not required to have larger horsepower, so they did not have the stress factors of lots of weight  &  speed. The need of people desiring to go faster, pull more, larger fuel tanks, additional transom strength, etc….. have migrated into that third toon sitting in the middle and reducing any additional flexing of the wide pontoon decks! You’ll also find many companies installing/welding spray rails or “lifting” strakes onto the outside ‘toons to minimize the “wetness” of going so fast and helping get the boat up on top of the water and going faster sooner!! If you live on a small lake, don’t take out a lot of people or gear, don’t need to go zoom’n, can’t afford the fuel costs and don’t desire to pay for the “up charge” associated with a tri-toon hull …… then you should just look for a more traditional pontoon boat.


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